Circle Crochet Blanket, Yellow Gray & White Blanket, Baby Blanket, Crochet Baby Blanket, Pinterest Challenge

I wish I could tell you that I have a pattern for this blanket. I looked for one after seeing this on pinterest. Then I realized I don’t really know the crochet lingo enough to follow a pattern. Plus, I loose count way to easily 🙂

So when Kendra asked that I share how I made this blanket, I figured I would just show you. It is fairly simple if you can crochet a circle. And I apologize in advance for my non-crochet lingo.


Lets start with the yarn

I wanted to use something with lots of texture since the blanket was for my good friend’s baby. I decided on a wool for the gray. I believe it is Lion Brand Wool-Ease. The yellow and white were the Bernat Baby Blanket Yarn, which is super soft and fun. I highly recommend it.

I used a bigger crochet hook. I bought it a few years ago, but a comparable size is the s-35 hook. You can use a smaller one, but I like how much quicker projects are with a bigger hook.


On to the actual blanket
To make this blanket, you’ll need to know how to crochet a simple circle. I didn’t at first, so youtube showed me how. Check out this video to make a simple circle. And then this video to combine the circles together.

Start by making a larger crocheted circle, 3 rows work well to start. This will be used for your starting point.

Then in a different color, make a smaller crocheted circle. As you start on your last row for this circle, crochet it to your first circle. I would recommend at least 5 stitches together. Any less than that and it may be to weak for the blanket to hold together. This is when some people will want to count out exactly how many stitches you’ll need for each circle. However, with this blanket you can really just eye ball it. In my opinion, it makes a more organic look as opposed to a structured design. You can make it all your own.

Continue making alternate size circles in different colors and joining them to the blanket. I would suggest sticking to three sizes in your circles, but that is just me.

Simple baby blanket, yellow, gray, white baby blanket, Crochet baby blanket, easy baby blanket

This was the blanket after my first try at working on it. Sorry for the bad quality. I took the picture on my phone to send it to my friend to make sure it didn’t look as crazy as my husband’s facial response made it out to be. ha!


Tips for Making this blanket:

– This blanket can be built from the center of the blanket out or the outer edge of the blanket out. Because you will just keep adding more and more circles, you can control what the final shape will be.

– I wanted mine to be a square, so I used one of my son’s baby blankets as a guide. I often would lay my blanket on top of his as a guide.

– It never hurts to test the blanket out on your target user 🙂

Baby blanket guide, simple crochet blanket, easy crochet blanket, yellow gray and white baby blanket


Another Pinterest Challenge is underway courtesy of Young House Love and Bower Power. I am one, loving pinterest and two, loving making the pins on my boards. So why not join in? Right? Right.

Ok. Let’s start with the inspiration. It actually came from two of my pins.

First there was this baby blanket.

crochet flower blanket

When I first saw the photo, I was looking at it on my phone. Turns out they are flowers not circles. Whoops. Probably wouldn’t work for Mr. Dominic.

Then there was this pin from VivaTerra.

Crochet Circle Rug

Turns out it wasn’t a blanket either. Whoops. It is a rug. A rug I may have fallen in love with.

With these two ideas in my back pocket, I came up with my own circle crochet baby blanket. My first step was to learn how to crochet a circle. Thank you Youtube. Once that was down, it was pretty easy to piece it all together.

Crochet circle blanket yellow gray white

Circle Crochet Blanket, Gray Yellow & White Blanket, Baby Blanket, Pinterest Challenge

Circle Crochet Blanket, Yellow Gray & White Blanket, Baby Blanket, Crochet Baby Blanket, Pinterest Challenge

I do hope little miss H loves this blanket. I can’t wait to meet her this December.

It’s funny how perspective can so easily change. I was uploading some pictures of Dom last night for a project I’m doing for my Grandma’s 90th birthday this weekend. He is now 20 weeks old.

That was quick.

Starting in last September my life was suddenly measured by weeks. Did you know in the first few weeks a baby is the size of a lentil? Anyways it seemed like forever until we would reach 20 weeks which was the ultrasound appointment to find out if we were having a boy or girl. And the wait did take forever.

Fast forward to May. He is here and 20 weeks seemed still far away. When he was first born three weeks seemed far away. But this time, the weeks flew by.

So here we are. 20 weeks old. Life is good on this side.