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How do you start a post when you haven’t thought about this blog in almost 2 months? I don’t know either. So I’m just gonna jump in. I apologize for any randomness that might ensue.

This week, I was reading a few of my favorite home blogs. They happened to be posting mood boards for some client they were working on. Now, I do like looking at people’s ideas, but more so I like seeing the finished result. I went off on this tangent in my head about how I hate when people don’t follow-up on these mood boards and I’m left wondering if their client actually spent that much on a the most lovely pair of curtains from West Elm.

Then I realized, I’m the slacker who didn’t post any updates from the Guest Room to Nursery post. Oopsies.

So here I am to fix the problem.

Just as a reminder, this is what we started with….Yowzas!

Thank you previous owners for painting over wall paper, painting the windows shut on the inside and outside of the house, and choosing such lovely shades of blue and pink for the trim. You are truly awesome.

Thanks to craigslist, we sold the bed and bedding in less than 24 hours. So we quickly were able to clean out the room before new drywall went up. It took a couple of weeks for the drywall stage to be complete as the guy who was helping us was doing so on weekends and nights. Lame as it may be, we were pumped when it was all done. The room already looked so much better.

Then came the painting. Jared and I are admittedly in love with Sherwin William’s Ethereal Mood. It’s the most wonderful shade of gray. We ended up going a shade lighter for Dom’s room because the hallway outside the room is Ethereal Mood. Ya, don’t be surprised if the entire house ends up gray one day.

Anyways, you won’t believe how different the room looks. I love it.  Early, I posted this as my idea starting point for Dom’s room.

Well, here is how it all turned out.

Please pay no attention to that utility knife on the changing table. Someone was a little excited to take the pictures and I wasn’t allowed to clean things up.

So all this to say Dom’s room is pretty much done. Now, if only we could hurry this kid along …

This past weekend our sad excuse for a guest room began its process of becoming Dom’s room. Drywall now covers our attempts at removing layers of wallpaper, paint, more wallpaper, and then more paint.

Dear homeowners, please never paint over wallpaper. You will make someone else’s life miserable when they try to take down the reminder that you decorated in the 80’s. Trust me.

With the fresh start of drywall and now knowing our baby is a boy, it hit me last week that we should start to plan what we want his room to look like. Genius on my part.

I began browsing nursery pictures online. Now, I must admit the little winter baby outfits with monkeys and giraffes generally do me in. However, most baby boy things make me want to run the other way. If I were to pick my favorite colors it would be brown, gray, and green. AKA neutral, neutral, and more neutral. Have you seen kids gear? Hello primary colors with all types of wild going on. I was stressed just looking at pictures online.

Needless to say, I was less than excited to think about preparing Dom’s room. So we had ice cream instead.

I then realized I needed to create a picture of the things I like so that way I won’t go crazy at target and plan the entire room around one monkey snow suit. It is very soft a fuzzy with little monkey ears on the hood.

So, I started with colors and finally found some fabric I even liked for the crib. There is a good chance I will change my mind before May. Hey, I might change my mind by next week. Since I tend to forget things these days, I figured why not post it here so that I might stumble upon it and see my old ideas.

Here we go with option 1.

Wall color: Sherwin Williams Ethereal White (not set on it, but just liked the name)

Second wall color: Sherwin Williams Ethereal Mood (love this color)

Accent Colors: Dark blue and yellow (just my top picks via photshop right now)

Crib: Davinci Annibel Mini Crib in black (we need to check it out in person, but right now its my top pick)

Storage thing: currently have one from target, just need to paint it black

Storage bins: closetmade from target in denim, yellow, & blue

Fabric for crib skirt: Michael Miller’s Zoology Sea