Another Pinterest Challenge is underway courtesy of Young House Love and Bower Power. I am one, loving pinterest and two, loving making the pins on my boards. So why not join in? Right? Right.

Ok. Let’s start with the inspiration. It actually came from two of my pins.

First there was this baby blanket.

crochet flower blanket

When I first saw the photo, I was looking at it on my phone. Turns out they are flowers not circles. Whoops. Probably wouldn’t work for Mr. Dominic.

Then there was this pin from VivaTerra.

Crochet Circle Rug

Turns out it wasn’t a blanket either. Whoops. It is a rug. A rug I may have fallen in love with.

With these two ideas in my back pocket, I came up with my own circle crochet baby blanket. My first step was to learn how to crochet a circle. Thank you Youtube. Once that was down, it was pretty easy to piece it all together.

Crochet circle blanket yellow gray white

Circle Crochet Blanket, Gray Yellow & White Blanket, Baby Blanket, Pinterest Challenge

Circle Crochet Blanket, Yellow Gray & White Blanket, Baby Blanket, Crochet Baby Blanket, Pinterest Challenge

I do hope little miss H loves this blanket. I can’t wait to meet her this December.